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About Me

I’m passionate about UI | UX Designer that promotes community. Living in Vizag, AP.

A UI Designer is a technical role that is responsible for presenting a product’s development in a way that is attractive and convenient for users. A UI designer is responsible for creating interactive programs that enhance a customer’s experience with a brand and facilitate an enjoyable experience on the business’s website. UI designers also need to have a working understanding of coding and transfer the brand’s strength through the interface of a product.

As the position combines programming, psychology, and digital design elements, a UI designer requires specialized training in all areas to deliver quality products and services. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Web Development, Graphic Design, or a related field is essential. Individuals who enjoy bringing abstract concepts to life and working with clients to improve their business marketing platforms tend to perform well in the position of UI designer. Improve the look and feel of interactive computers and product software
Create overall concepts for the user experience within a business webpage or product, ensuring all interactions are intuitive and easy for customers
Analyze customer responses and website data to determine high-traffic web pages and why some perform better than others
Design the aesthetics to be implemented within a website or product, from the layout menus and drop-down options to colors and fonts
Build storyboards to conceptualize designs and convey project plans to clients and management
Account for and track the human-computer interaction (HCI) element of a design
Create surveys for research through various social media platforms to gather feedback on user’s ease of use
Conduct testing of completed applications, websites, and software to Assess user experience

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